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UK Northern Lights Europe Time Forecast london

What time can we see the northern lights tonight 2024 when to look for northern lights tonight when can we see the northern lights what time can you see the northern lights northern lights time tonight what time is northern lights tonight

The northern lights are visible across the ENTIRE UK tonight. I find out cos I'm drinking at my friends place & one comes in like: "Guys, the northern lights are in the sky!" "Aurora borealis?" I reply "At this time of the year" my mate chimes in "At this time of day" "In this p

UK Northern Lights 2024

Reaction social media users - Can’t believe I live in London and I can see the Northern lights 😭

 If you’re in the UK go outside and have a look closely! Get your phone camera out and have a look through that too as can help you spot them 😍

 It’s not quite ticked off the bucket list but its fucking cool

FPL Mate (Dan) @FPLMate · 2h Can’t believe I dropped several thousand pounds on a once in a lifetime trip to Norway to see the Northern Lights, and one month later they are literally appearing in my garden in the UK

Emily♡ @ItsEmilyKaty · 2h I am screaming. Northern lights in Hertfordshire, UK. In my garden. AUTISTIC JOY MAXIMUM. AHHHH. 😍 #aurora

The Northern Lights are making a rare appearance across the UK, thrilling sky watchers as far south as Kent and Plymouth. 

Clear skies overnight have made for spectacular sightings. People have been sharing pictures from Essex, London and Kent - areas which rarely experience the phenomenon. One of the strongest geomagnetic storms for years is hitting the earth and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued a rare solar storm warning. Such storms increase the chance of seeing the aurora borealis. 

Weather Watchers/StormChaserLiam The Northern LightsWeather Watchers/StormChaserLiam The Aurora Borealis has been seen as far south as Kent Storms of this scale could potentially impact infrastructure, including satellites and the power grid, the NOAA warned. 

According to Weather, clear skies make a sighting possible from most parts of the UK, with people in Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern parts of England having a higher likelihood. Elizabeth Rizzini, BBC Weather presenter, said: "We've got a couple of Weather Watcher pictures from Kent and Hastings already. "It's fantastic conditions, the skies are pretty clear at the moment.

. "There could be some low cloud that comes into East Anglia and the south west of England and Lincolnshire coast, but generally skies are pretty clear at the moment." "Tonight's the night but it will probably be visible tomorrow as well," she added. The Met Office said that "enhanced activity" is expected to persist, but at reduced levels, through Saturday night into Sunday. In the US, the NOAA said the lights may be seen as far south as Alabama and northern California

What are the Northern Lights?

 The Northern Lights - or aurora borealis - appear as bright, swirling curtains of lights in the night sky and range in colour from green to pink and scarlet. It is caused by charged particles from the sun hitting gases in the Earth's atmosphere

. The colours occur due to different gases in the Earth's atmosphere being energised by the charged particles. The two most common gases in the Earth's atmosphere are nitrogen and oxygen. Oxygen atoms glow green - the colour most often seen in the Northern Lights, while nitrogen atoms emit purple, blue and pink

. The most impressive auroras occur when the Sun emits really large clouds of particles called "coronal mass ejections

RTE All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Kilkenny v Limerick updates

Hurling Limerick All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Kilkenny GAA Gaelic Athletic Association

Ireland Kilkenny star Cillian Buckley is facing another big day today as he takes the field of Croke Park for the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship final, just 24 hours after his wedding to partner Niamh Dowling.
The Dicksboro club man and Niamh celebrated with a reception in the stunning surrounds of the five-star Castle Durrow in Co. Laois.

And after a glorious day spent with friends and family, Cillian was hoping for more glory on the field as the Cats take on Limerick in a repeat showdown of last year’s decider for the Liam MacCarthy Cup.

Buckley helped the Cats reach the final after he scored a last-second goal in the Leinster Senior Hurling Championship semi-final against Galway last month.

The three-time All-Ireland winner popped the question during a romantic getaway with Niamh in the five-star The Europe, just outside Killarney in Co. Kerry, in 2020.

Ex-Kilkenny goalkeeper David Herity revealed on Off The Ball earlier this week how Buckley had believed that the final would be taking place on the same weekend as it did last year.

Cillian will line out for Kilkenny in today’s All Ireland just 24 hours after he
married his bride Niamh
Cillian will line out for Kilkenny in today’s All Ireland just 24 hours after he married his bride Niamh

Last year’s All Ireland final was played a week earlier, with the Cats facing their rivals on July 17.

But after Kilkenny played Limerick in the final on July 17, the decider fell on July 23 — which narrowly missed his ‘other’ big day.

Meanwhile, love is obviously in the air as Buckley’s best man, teammate Walter Walsh, will be married on July 29.

The Kilkenny stars were said to be taking it easy at the celebration before bussing up to Dublin this morning.

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WASHINGTONN — Former Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer said it’s “possible” the Supreme Court could one day overrule its 2022 decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, which itself overruled Roe v. Wade.
“But who knows?” added Breyer, speaking to moderator Kristen Welker on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.” 

Thee former justice also spoke about the leak of the majority’s decision to overturn Roe, which preceded the official ruling by several weeks, calling it “unfortunate.” Breyer said that he had a “theory” about the motivations of the leaker but declined to share any names, saying, “You have a theory. People have theories. 

I don’t mean to be coy, but I really don’t want to get into something.” “I’d be amazed if it was a judge,” he added. interview former supreme court justice legal law Former Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer speaks with Kristen Welker for “Meet the Press” in Cambridge, Mass., on Wednesday.Cheryl Senter / NBC News Breyer also sidestepped questions about several cases before the court this year involving former President Donald Trump.

 Asked about one Trump case coming before the court regarding the former president’s claim that he should be immune from criminal prosecution for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, Breyer said he wouldn’t comment and didn’t have enough information to form an opinion. “My goodness, you can make mistakes just by saying what your initial opinion is.

 And my goodness, how often it really occurs,” Breyer said, adding: “I’m not just trying to get out of the question, because I can get out of the question by just saying I’m not going to answer the question.” interview former supreme court justice legal law profile Former Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer is interviewed by Kristen Welker for Meet The Press, in Cambridge, Mass., on March 20, 2024.Cheryl Senter / NBC News Still, Breyer, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton and served on the court from 1994 to 2022, isn’t a stranger to evaluating cases in the middle of presidential election years that could have major consequences for the outcome of the election. 

In 2000, Breyer weighed the Bush v. Gore case and agreed with a 7-2 majority decision that the method for recounting ballots in Florida’s presidential election was unconstitutional. But he dissented from a majority opinion that found Florida didn’t have time to conduct a constitutional recount. Stephen Breyer says he’d be ‘amazed’ if a Supreme Court justice was behind the Dobbs leak “They shouldn’t have taken [the case] up,” Breyer told Welker. 

“That’s what I thought about Bush v. Gore.” He added, “I said, ‘They shouldn’t have taken up the opinion. And now, having taken it up, I think they should decide it the other way.’ That was my view, all right? But it was a view reached after a considerable amount of work.” Breyer spoke to NBC News’ “Meet the Press” ahead of the release of his book “Reading the 

Constitution: Why I Chose Pragmatism, Not Textualism,” in which he lays out his case against an originalist interpretation of the Constitution. “It’s very attractive,” Breyer said, describing textualism as “simple.” “All you have to do is read this. Fabulous. You’ve got the answer. Yeah, just read it, and it’s simple,” he said. “You say, ‘Sounds good, sounds good.’ But it doesn’t work very well, in my opinion. And that’s why I’ve spent a year and a half trying to explain why,” Breyer added.