Friday, May 10, 2024

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The northern lights are visible across the ENTIRE UK tonight. I find out cos I'm drinking at my friends place & one comes in like: "Guys, the northern lights are in the sky!" "Aurora borealis?" I reply "At this time of the year" my mate chimes in "At this time of day" "In this p

UK Northern Lights 2024

Reaction social media users - Can’t believe I live in London and I can see the Northern lights 😭

 If you’re in the UK go outside and have a look closely! Get your phone camera out and have a look through that too as can help you spot them 😍

 It’s not quite ticked off the bucket list but its fucking cool

FPL Mate (Dan) @FPLMate · 2h Can’t believe I dropped several thousand pounds on a once in a lifetime trip to Norway to see the Northern Lights, and one month later they are literally appearing in my garden in the UK

Emily♡ @ItsEmilyKaty · 2h I am screaming. Northern lights in Hertfordshire, UK. In my garden. AUTISTIC JOY MAXIMUM. AHHHH. 😍 #aurora

The Northern Lights are making a rare appearance across the UK, thrilling sky watchers as far south as Kent and Plymouth. 

Clear skies overnight have made for spectacular sightings. People have been sharing pictures from Essex, London and Kent - areas which rarely experience the phenomenon. One of the strongest geomagnetic storms for years is hitting the earth and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued a rare solar storm warning. Such storms increase the chance of seeing the aurora borealis. 

Weather Watchers/StormChaserLiam The Northern LightsWeather Watchers/StormChaserLiam The Aurora Borealis has been seen as far south as Kent Storms of this scale could potentially impact infrastructure, including satellites and the power grid, the NOAA warned. 

According to Weather, clear skies make a sighting possible from most parts of the UK, with people in Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern parts of England having a higher likelihood. Elizabeth Rizzini, BBC Weather presenter, said: "We've got a couple of Weather Watcher pictures from Kent and Hastings already. "It's fantastic conditions, the skies are pretty clear at the moment.

. "There could be some low cloud that comes into East Anglia and the south west of England and Lincolnshire coast, but generally skies are pretty clear at the moment." "Tonight's the night but it will probably be visible tomorrow as well," she added. The Met Office said that "enhanced activity" is expected to persist, but at reduced levels, through Saturday night into Sunday. In the US, the NOAA said the lights may be seen as far south as Alabama and northern California

What are the Northern Lights?

 The Northern Lights - or aurora borealis - appear as bright, swirling curtains of lights in the night sky and range in colour from green to pink and scarlet. It is caused by charged particles from the sun hitting gases in the Earth's atmosphere

. The colours occur due to different gases in the Earth's atmosphere being energised by the charged particles. The two most common gases in the Earth's atmosphere are nitrogen and oxygen. Oxygen atoms glow green - the colour most often seen in the Northern Lights, while nitrogen atoms emit purple, blue and pink

. The most impressive auroras occur when the Sun emits really large clouds of particles called "coronal mass ejections

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